Sub Contractors
Sub-Contractor Requirements
At DD Construction we value hardworking and ethical contractors. Our business was built on our solid work ethic and we continue to grow with those same principals.
If you hold your organization to a higher standard, we would like to hear from you.  Sub-contracting through DD Construction is both challenging and rewarding.

Please complete the form below with as much information as possible. Accurate and complete applications have a much greater likelihood of being successful.

We will require proof of Workman's Compensation and General Liability insurance with documentation before you can begin working with us. If performing work $10,000, you will also need to list Lone Rover Construction as Additional Insured.

Main Subcontractors (Excluding MEP's and smaller trades): Our Net 45 Terms are non-negotiable. You may request a draw up to 50% of the original contract amount after the first inspection, and request the remainder of your contracted amount upon full completion of work. An invoice and notarized waiver must be mailed to our office for every payment requested.

Subcontractors including MEP's and Smaller trades: Our Net 45 terms are non-negotiable. You may request payment for the contracted amount upon full completion of the work. An invoice and notarized waiver must be mailed to our office for your payment request.

Your Services
Information About Your Organization and Services

List all the service you can provide with number #1 being your main field of specialty.
Select the Emergency checkbox if you can respond after hours or within short notification for that specialty.
Select the PM Provider checkbox if your organization provides planned maintenance.

Enter the radius in miles that you are willing to travel from your main office.  Check for multiple offices and list the cities they are located in.

CC for payment by Credit Card or Net 45
Enter your service manager or yourself, an after hours contact and an accounts receivable contact information below.

Enter any additional information about the services you can provide here.

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